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jl_decker's Journal

J. L. Decker
14 January 1980
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Jennifer Decker is an author of various and sundry, a scriptwriter and novelist (sadly unproduced and unpublished–or as she likes to think of it, pre-produced and pre-published), a starving artist, and a wanna-be college student with a sad lack of financial aid. But none of that really matters because she’s currently living her life’s dream of working in the service industry for as little pay as she could manage to work out.

A native Californian living (or trapped, depending on her mood) in Tennessee, Jennifer is married, with two crazy mutts and a fat-as-can-be, three-legged cat who thinks he’s king of her home. She’s a stand-up comedy geek, an occasional artist, a wanna-be rock star with no musical talent, a recovering ellipsis addict, and last, but certainly not least, a card-carrying member of the terminally uncool.

This journal is a catch-all of her writings from various sites around the web.

You can find her elsewhere online here:
Senior Staff Writer, TheTwoCents.com, My tag
Contributing Writer, Digitalairwaves.net, My Tag
Contributing Writer, Starpulse.com, My blog
@JDeckerTV on Twitter